Artist Statement

You begin with the possibilities of the material.

Robert Rauschenberg

Nature is fascinating! I am attracted to the light, mood, and colors of its seasons, and how the passage of time and the forces of nature change the landscape. It is the inspiration for my work.

The organic materials I use mimic nature. Allowing my materials to crack, absorb and move is the centerpiece of my artistic practice. My mixed media work is a blend of various materials blended with clear encaustic medium on an imperfect plaster surface. Natural forms and textural patinas are created in an exploration of surface alchemy, creating freedom from control and randomness. I simply decide what to keep, what to add and what to discard, until the piece tells a story that I like. In a sense it is like conducting an orchestra, I simply direct all the players and enjoy the music!

I have learned over the years that a good piece of art does not answer all the questions at first glance. It should cause people to come close and examine it. I want people to not only connect emotionally to my work but be intrigued as well.